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Salvadorian Style Cream

Crema Salvadoreña

Grated Cheese

Queso Cotija

Caramel Custard

Flan de Caramelo

Dried Cured Beef


Sandwich Slices

Tajadas de Queso para Sandwich

Sweet Corn Arepa Filled with Cheese

Arepa de Choclo Rellena de Queso

Mote’s Arepa

Arepa de Mote

Super Special Cheese Arepas

Arepas de Queso Super Especial

Yuca Arepa Filled with Cheese

Arepa de Yuca Rellena de Queso

Yellow Corn Arepa

Arepa de Maíz Amarillo

White Corn Arepas

Arepas de Maíz Blanco

Mini Corn Arepas

Arepitas de Maíz

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