Celebrate the Flavor 2019

Celebrate The Flavor with La Fe Foods! We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality products from your home country!

Tradition Video

Celebrate the Flavor of Culture, Community, and Heritage with La Fe Foods by celebrating every moment spent with family.

Back-to-School Video

La Fe supports all members of every family. Every year we Celebrate the Flavor of Growth by cheering on all students in our community!

Women’s Soccer Video

La Fe empowers women everyday by giving back to its communities one ingredient, recipe and meal at a time. Celebrate the Flavor with La Fe Foods by cheering for every Women’s Soccer moment with your La Fe Family!

Graduation VIdeo

Congratulations Grads! Our La Fe Family is celebrating a job well done with you as you embark on your new journey.

Mothers Day Video

La Fe honors every mother in our communities by making every moment spent with family a moment worth celebrating.

Family Gathering Video

La Fe Celebrates the Flavor of Family by providing the proper foods so that your La Fe Family can cherish every meal together!

La Fe Institutional Video

La Fe Celebrates the Official Relaunch of their brand in New Jersey by hosting a Gala event for all of the La Fe Northern Community Members & Partners

Relaunch Gala, Miami

La Fe Celebrates the Official Relaunch of their brand in Miami by hosting a posh yacht gala for all of the La Fe Florida Community Members & Partners

Coconut Water-Winter

Chow down on some classic La Fe Foods’ Gandules! Gandules can be used in all sorts of meals & dinners! Treat your La Fe Family Today!